Find Your Balance 12Month Planner

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Find Your Balance is a daily planner thoughtfully designed to help you become your best self and improve your quality of life. The planner helps you achieve your goals, prioritize your tasks, practice self-reflection and improve your overall well-being.

Too often we end up focusing on only one aspect of our life and miss spending time for family or self. The planner gives you space to categorize your goals and tasks so you can balance your work, family and self-care everyday which is essential for a happy and successful life.

With gratitude, goal-setting, positive affirmations, self-exploration journal prompts, mood tracker and habit tracker, the planner focuses on helping you to do better in all areas of life. By making Find Your Balance a part of your daily routine, you will become more mindful, productive, happier, healthier and organized. You will learn to master the art of time management. This planner will help you find your balance and bring harmony into your everyday life.

    25 × 18.5 × 2.5 cm

    • 310 pages
    • B5 size
    • Undated 12 month planner
    • Aesthetic design with gold foil accents on the cover
    • Available colors - Cinnamon Brown, Sage Green

    • Morning Affirmations
    •Tips to stay productive
    •Idea Board
    •About Last Year
    •New Year New Me
    •Goals for the Year
    •Books to read, Places to Visit
    •Skills to acquire, Wishlist
    •My ideal weekday and weekend routine
    •12 monthly covers
    •Journal Prompts for self-discovery
    •Monthly calendar
    •Monthly spread - Goals, Shopping list, To-do list
    •Habit Tracker
    •Mood Tracker
    •Budget Planner
    •Daily spread - Gratitude, tasks for the day, end of the day reflections
    •End of the Year Reflection
    •Highlights of the year
    •Favorite memories from the year
    •Stickers & Bookmark

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 39 reviews
    Anmol Gill

    The journal book is compact , easy to use and price is pocket friendly

    Meenakshi Singh


    Shenbakam Natarajan
    Loved It 😍

    It’s so beautiful and aesthetics motivates me to journal. Though I I have been journaling regularly for so many years now, It has become a cute ritual everyday! I love it so much! Thank you.

    Aanal Vora

    Find Your Balance 12Month Planner

    Srikar Naramsetty
    Very good

    I like the way journal is designed.
    Loved the mood tracker its gives an overview of how I am across the month.