Our Story

Hi there!

I’ am Harini, former software engineer, passionate parent and an accidental entrepreneur. From being an emotionally fragile person, to becoming this happy, successful, resilient person who is filled with gratitude was a journey that I never dreamt of. And I owe most part of this transformation to simple mindful habits that I incorporated into my everyday life. Simply put, those small positive habits changed my life.

Writing things down can be life changing

I have been writing diaries since my school days. I loved taking notes and writing things down. But I started journaling as part of my therapy in 2018, when I was going through a difficult phase. Writing about my worries helped me cope with the emotional turmoil I was going through. When I made journaling a daily habit, it put things into perspective and helped me release my anger and disappointment sensibly. I became calmer and more empathetic towards others, which improved my relationships with friends and family. I started perceiving life differently and I learnt to face every situation with a positive attitude.

Every business has a story to tell

And this is our story. After experiencing the power of writing and how it improved the many facets of my life, I realised how important it is to promote emotional wellness from an early age. Hence, I wanted to create a guided journal for children that will help them open up and express their innermost feelings. But starting a business from scratch with the idea being fairly new to our country was not easy. We didn’t know if people would be interested. My husband and I decided to print 500 copies of the journal, and if we don’t sell, we decided to gift them to all the children we know. But when we launched our first journal for kids, we received a lot of appreciation from parents. And that’s how I found my calling!

All our products are consciously designed to...

We believe in the butterfly effect. One small positive habit can create a lasting impact on your life. And every product we design is a reflection of that belief. Journals that make you productive, journals that help you heal, journals to document your memories, journals to self-reflect and help you understand yourself better, we create tools that inspire you to become a better version of yourself.
Our products are minimal, functional, aesthetically pleasing and less chaotic. All our products are designed with the ultimate motto of making our buyers stick to the habit, so we don’t do overwhelming colours and designs that just attract impulsive buying, rather they are designed to become a part of your routine.

Journal Lab is more than a business

Everything we do here, we do it with a lot of passion and integrity. We have received thousands of reviews from people claiming that our journals have played a significant role in shaping their routine and well-being. And what’s more fulfilling than knowing that your products are truly making a difference in people's lives?