2024 Combo - Go get your Dreams

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Achieving your dreams requires more than just wishful thinking. It’s about setting a plan, staying focused, and being productive. Every day counts as a chance to move forward, taking those steps that get you closer to your goals. The products in this combo are thoughtfully designed to help you set goals, manage your time efficiently, stay motivated and productive.

1 x Meal Planner
1 x Sticker Book
1 x Weekly Planner
1 x Set of 2 Notepads
1 x Fridge Magnet
1 x Find Your Balance undated 12-month planner (or) Find Your Balance undated 4-month planner

Weekly Planner:

Plan your week ahead and stay organised with our weekly planner pad. Note down your to-do lists, important appointments and the week’s top priorities. Contains 52 tear-off sheets.

Set of 2 Refill Notepads:

Plan and prioritize your tasks, set reminder and take notes on the go with these picket sized notepads - Notes, To Do List.

Sticker Book:

12 sticker sheets with 400 + stickers. For all the sticker lovers out there, we now have a book full of stickers to elevate your journaling experience.

Meal Planner:

Tired of the daily "what to cook today" dilemma? Say goodbye to kitchen chaos with our Weekly Meal Planner Pad. Featuring 52 tear-off sheets, you'll have a year's worth of meals neatly organized. Streamline your grocery shopping and enjoy the ease of a well-planned menu. Embrace stress-free meal planning and savour every culinary moment!

Fridge Magnet:

Ensure your notes and to-do lists stay in check with these adorable fridge magnets. Not only functional, but they also double as charming accessories for your fridge.

Find Your Balance undated planner:

Our best-selling planner that combines the power of planning and journaling to help you achieve your goals, become more mindful, productive, happier, healthier and organized. With gratitude, goal-setting, positive affirmations, self-exploration journal prompts, mood tracker and habit tracker, the planner focuses on helping you to do better in all areas of life.

33 x 24 x 6 cm

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Saradha K

2024 Combo - Go get your Dreams

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2024 Combo - Go get your Dreams