Find Your Balance 4Month Planner cum Journal

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Find Your Balance is a daily planner-cum-journal that combines the power of planning and journaling to help you achieve your goals, improve your productivity, manage your emotions and help you become a better person.

Too often we end up focusing on only one aspect of our life and miss spending time for family or self.  Find Your Balance planner gives you space to categorize your tasks so you can balance your work, family & self-care every day, which makes our planner unique.

Journaling before bedtime is a powerful habit that’s proven to improve one’s emotional wellbeing and happiness. The daily journal page can be used at the end of the day to reflect on daily happenings, write your gratitude list and express your thoughts & feelings.


    • Undated 4 months planner journal
    • Functional & timeless design
    • Created for men, women, professionals, entrepreneurs, parents & homemakers
    • Planner that has it all - style, class, functional & effective

    • Goals for the year
    • Goal Timeline
    • Books to read, Skills to acquire
    • Wishlist, Places to visit
    • People who inspire me
    • My inner circle
    • Little things that make me happy
    • My strengths and weakness
    • Life Priorities pin board
    • Monthly spread – monthly goals, to do lists, shopping list, appointments & birthdays
    • Habit Tracker
    • Mood Tracker
    • Budget Planner
    • The Daily spread – left & right page for planning & journaling everyday
    • Daily affirmation, gratitude & end of the day reflections
    • Achievements & Lessons learnt this year
    • Dates to remember
    • Journal prompts for self-discovery
    • Stickers & bookmark

    • Dimensions - 22.5 × 16.5 × 2.5 cm
    • A5 size
    • 300 pages
    • Available colors - Stone White, Sunset Peach, Midnight Black

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    I always wanted to write my feelings and goals. But I couldn't know what to write and how to expr...

    I always wanted to write my feelings and goals. But I couldn't know what to write and how to express. But this journal is soo good. It is as if the book is talking with me. Asking about myself what I want and what I don't anymore. This also comes with mood tracker which is the best part. And also the planner is amazing which made us feel so close to our goals.

    Best thing ever

    This journal is so good. Believe me if you are thinking of purchasing a journal go for this one. Jt has so many good prompts that wilk force you to think about yourself. i am in love. Never discontinue this

    Shreya S
    My daily partner

    It's my daily partner who keeps record of what I did in the whole day and where I am lacking.

    Gurnain kaur
    Excellent habit creator

    My very first planner. I’m getting hooked! Very simple, precise and to the point. Paper quality is great. Size is not too small or too big. A little larger than standard A5 which i really like. Totally worth your money. Go for it if you want to start the habit of planning your days and retrospecting on them as well.

    Aradhana Roy
    A healing Journal..Just buy it. It's Magic

    This planner journal is amazing. It's just not some regular planning diary neither just dotting down thoughts like in gratitude journals. It's a complete package. It has helped me to monitor my tasks completion in day time and well in night there is a seperate page to reminisce your day, your thoughts. This journal is a truly a therapy journal and I didn't find a single journal in market with so much sober colour flashes. Opening the journal automatically lifts up my mood and I get a winner attitude. Another best aspect of the journal is mood tracker and habit tracker for each month and colourful stickers. I am truly finding my balance with the journal.