My Little Big Day Journal (Yellow & Blue Book Bundle)

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My Little Big Day is a daily journal for children aged 5 to 12 which aims to promote happiness and helps children grow up to become emotionally healthy adults. This beautifully designed journal is first of its kind which includes weekly themes aimed at instilling good values and shaping a child’s character. The journal also strengthens the parent-child relationship by establishing a screen-free family routine where you can do activities and answer questions together.

Themes included in the Blue Book :

  • Family
  • Accepting & Learning from Failure
  • Manners & Etiquette
  • Being Responsible & Independent
  • Taking care of our Earth
  • Teamwork

Themes included in the Yellow Book :

  • Kindness
  • Honesty
  • Healthy Body & Mind
  • Money Management
  • Respecting Diversity
  • Finding joy in little things

    24 × 18 × 4 cm

    • A5 Hard Cover - Easy for kids to handle and lays flat when they write

    • 100 GSM - High quality paper which is pencil, pen and crayon friendly

    • Undated - Start any day of the year and not worry about skipping days

    • Gender Neutral - Designed for boys & girls to do it with their dad or mom

    • Cultivates the practice of gratitude from an early age

    • Instills good values and shapes the child’s character

    • Strengthens the parent-child relationship

    • Helps them set goals, stay organised and cultivate healthy habits

    • Increases the memory power, improves your child’s reading, writing and communication skills

    • Builds resilience & confidence in children and inculcates mindfulness

    • A safe place to express their thoughts and emotions freely

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Revathi Badeti

    Why don’t u add some more picture oriented pages

    Must buy for kids

    It is more than journal. I have noticed there is less tantrum in my child when journaling is done reguraly

    Saumya Khanna
    It helps give meaning to every single day

    I and my 4.5year old daughter do this together, it's fun at the same time instills accountability in my daughter.

    Absolutely amazing tool to know the inside world of a Kid

    I had been searching for a daily journal for quite some time now. Most of them do not have daily pages or they are distracting. Bought this journal after some thought and also blue is my little human’s favorite color. And I have to say, this journal is amazing. It contains very insightful questions and has a lot of fun activities. I particularly liked the weekly challenges. We had to create a family dance once and the whole family had such a blast. Special mention for the weekly themes. More parents should talk about these topics. Overall, a good initiative for developing children’s mental health

    Priya KH
    Great way to reduce screen time

    I really liked it and found it quite helpful for my son to distract him from overuse of devices.