2023 Find Your Balance 12Month Planner Combo

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New Year comes with a lot of hope and excitement. Whether you are making a resolution to change yourself, or you decide to take one day at a time, our new year combos are here to inspire you to crush your goals, or celebrate the life you already have!

We’ve put together a thoughtful assortment of products that will help you start working towards a better life. Also, our new year combos make a great choice if you are looking for meaningful gifts for your friends and family.

1 x Set of 12 postcards
1 x Sticker Book
1 x Wellness tracker
1 x Weekly Planner
1 x Find Your Balance undated 12-month planner

• Morning Affirmations
• Tips to stay productive
• Idea Board
• About Last Year
• New Year New Me
• Goals for the Year
• Books to read, Places to Visit, Skills to acquire
• My ideal weekday and weekend routine
• 12 monthly covers & journal prompts for self-discovery
• Monthly calendar
• Monthly spread - Goals, Shopping list, To-do list
• Monthly Habit Tracker, Mood Tracker, Budget Planner
• Daily spread - Gratitude, tasks for the day, end of the day reflections
• End of the Year Reflection
• Highlights of the year
• Favourite memories from the year
• Stickers & Bookmark

Set of 12 postcards:

Let your dear ones know that you are thinking of them by sending these cute, hand illustrated postcards. You can also use these as gift tags to send a personal note along with gifts.

Sticker Book:

12 sticker sheets with 400 + stickers

For all the sticker lovers out there, we now have a book full of stickers to elevate your journaling experience.

Wellness tracker:

With our busy schedules, we often lose track of the simple yet essential habits that keep our mind and body healthy. Track your diet, hours of sleep, exercise, mood, time spent with family with this easy-to-use selfcare tool.

Weekly Planner:

Plan your week ahead and stay organised with our weekly planner pad. Note down your to-do lists, important appointments and the week’s top priorities. Contains 52 tear-off sheets.

Find Your Balance undated 12-month planner:

Our best-selling planner that combines the power of planning and journaling to help you achieve your goals, become more mindful, productive, happier, healthier and organized. With gratitude, goal-setting, positive affirmations, self-exploration journal prompts, mood tracker and habit tracker, the planner focuses on helping you to do better in all areas of life.

Customer Reviews

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 Best Yearly planner which excels in design, quality, content and thoughtfulness

I have been using Find Your Balance 4 month planner for 6 months now, and it has greatly helped me to get my life organised and work on myself. The only complaint i had was it was not for a year.. now this new planner for 12 months is jus beyond perfect, looks and feels so premium, well thought out sections and layouts, with soothing colours and minimal design. The best part is the daily spread where they have separate to do list for work and personal, gratitude and highlights of the day. This is the only yearly planner that has the maximum space to plan your day.. all other planners have entire week squeezed into 2 pages without much space to write.. A very classy planner overall…

Making 2023 MY YEAR with this aesthetic planner

I must schedule and work around my daily to-dos as efficiently as possible. The issue with most planners is that they aren't quite as "plannable" as they are marketed. I swear I have bought tons of 12-month planners to last a decade. I was desperately looking for an undated planner to organise my day-to-day stuff on the go. Fast forward to after I found Journal Lab through my dearest friend. I was left flabbergasted when I started using it. This planner has a separate space for work and personal things, monthly planners with a separate budget planning for every 12 months. They even threw in space to journal and track your moods and habit for self-reflection and growth. When I saw it, I knew 2023 is going to be MY YEAR.This is it! This is the journal which I've been looking for. Can't emphasise it enough. I love it

The Best Journal

Minimal, aesthetic planner with well thought out sections.. It has year end reflections, motivating sections that make us plan and work towards a better year at the beginning of the year. Its a nice planner to plan and document your entire year.

Very neutral and more organized planner

After a long search for an undated planner, came across this and I m very happy with the purchase. I wanted something which does not have more illustrations or tacky designs. This is exactly what it is. I like the prompts, simple layout and you can design it as per your wish. It has the habit tracker, mood tracker, goal for the month, budget planner etc. I bought a 12 month one, which has 2 days planning in one page. It starts with what I m grateful for, my top 3 priorities, plan for the day ( separate section for work and personal which is very useful), highlights and ends with rate your day for both work and professional. The layout helps to capture the important details/ plans in a crisp way which makes it more disciplined. Apart from this, I like the prompts for the year and monthly. If the expense tracker was daily/weekly it would have been great. Again, it is only my requirement. Overall I am in love with this planner and very happy to have found what exactly I was looking for. All these years I used to think planner/diary is overrated but this planner changed my mind. It helps to bring that discipline to follow the goals and track them.And yes, the paper quality is superb too !

Daisy R
Amazing Planner

This planner has all the basic spreads. And unlike the fancy planners that look pretty and have very little place to write stuff... This planner is neat and organized and has enough place to put all your thoughts down. There's is even a few blank pages for anything else you need.