2023 Find Your Balance 4Month Planner Combo

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New Year comes with a lot of hope and excitement. Whether you are making a resolution to change yourself, or you decide to take one day at a time, our new year combos are here to inspire you to crush your goals, or celebrate the life you already have!

We’ve put together a thoughtful assortment of products that will help you start working towards a better life. Also, our new year combos make a great choice if you are looking for meaningful gifts for your friends and family.

    1 x Set of 12 postcards
    1 x Sticker Book
    1 x Wellness tracker
    1 x Weekly Planner
    1 (or) set of 3 x Find Your Balance undated 4-month planner

    • Goals for the year
    • Books to read, Skills to acquire, Places to visit
    • People who inspire me
    • Little things that make me happy
    • My strengths and weakness
    • Life Priorities pin board
    • Monthly calendar
    • Monthly spread - monthly goals, to do lists, shopping list, appointments & birthdays
    • Monthly Habit Tracker, Mood Tracker, Budget Planner
    • The Daily spread - left & right page for planning & journaling everyday
    • Daily affirmation, gratitude & end of the day reflections
    • Achievements & Lessons learnt this year
    • Dates to remember
    • Journal prompts for self-discovery
    • Stickers & bookmark

    Set of 12 postcards:

    Let your dear ones know that you are thinking of them by sending these cute, hand illustrated postcards. You can also use these as gift tags to send a personal note along with gifts.

    Sticker Book:

    12 sticker sheets with 400 + stickers
    For all the sticker lovers out there, we now have a book full of stickers to elevate your journaling experience.

    Wellness tracker:

    With our busy schedules, we often lose track of the simple yet essential habits that keep our mind and body healthy. Track your diet, hours of sleep, exercise, mood, time spent with family with this easy-to-use selfcare tool.

    Weekly Planner:

    Plan your week ahead and stay organised with our weekly planner pad. Note down your to-do lists, important appointments and the week’s top priorities. Contains 52 tear-off sheets.

    Find Your Balance undated 4-month planner:

    Our best-selling planner that combines the power of planning and journaling to help you achieve your goals, become more mindful, productive, happier, healthier and organized. With gratitude, goal-setting, positive affirmations, self-exploration journal prompts, mood tracker and habit tracker, the planner focuses on helping you to do better in all areas of life.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Nitasha Chakravarty
    Lovely Journal

    I loved the sticker book and the postcards ! They are really cute. These help in keeping me motivated to journal. Thank you.

    Gurnain kaur
    Excellent habit creator

    My very first planner. I’m getting hooked! Very simple, precise and to the point. Paper quality is great. Size is not too small or too big. A little larger than standard A5 which i really like. Totally worth your money. Go for it if you want to start the habit of planning your days and retrospecting on them as well.

    Shreya S
    My daily partner

    It's my daily partner who keeps record of what I did in the whole day and where I am lacking.

     Undoubtedly the best Journal you’ll get at this price....

    This is something you can and you must gift to your kids, your spouse, your friends and to every person out there who you want to achieve goals...

    Best personal development tool you can invest in

    Of all the planners and journals available in the market, i think this is the only planner which is truly made keeping the users in mind. Absolutely loved the thought process and efforts gone into making this journal.. I see some people mentioning about the 4 months as a disadvantage, which is not true. The layout and purpose of the planner is completely different from a yearly planner. Yearly planners have very less space to write for a day. Whereas in this Find your balance, you have 2 pages to write everyday. This planner is meant to help you plan your day in detail and also to journal your thoughts.. personally buying 3 journals a year totally looks like a worthy investment to my growth. Its definitely an amazing personal development tool for anyone who wants to do better in life.